Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

What is your statement of faith?
Why are you ecumenical? What do you see as the greatest advantages of such an approach?
Your school has daily prayer together. What do you do during that time?
Is classical education only for gifted students?
What do you do with students that are either above or below grade level in a particular subject?
What are your class sizes?
How much homework will my child have?
Why do you teach “dead” languages such as Latin and classical Greek?
How do students taught in the classical tradition perform on standardized tests?
Classical schools typically use the Trivium, which is a curriculum that has three stages: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Since Trinitas does not have a high school, it employs only the first two phases of the Trivium. In light of this, wouldn't it be stretching things to say that Trinitas is a genuinely classical school?
What if my child is older and has not been classically educated? Will it be prohibitively difficult for him or her to “get up to speed” in subjects such as Latin or grammar?
Do you offer physical education, music, and art?
Do your students wear uniforms?
Do you have a hot lunch program?
What extracurricular opportunities and special events are there at Trinitas?
What are tuition costs for a single child?
Do you have a benevolence fund?
Do you provide busing for students?
Are you a member of any Christian or classical associations?