Congratulations to Trinitas Students!

May 8th, 2017 by Jill Vanderhyde

Congratulations to Trinitas students who participated in the Student Achievement Testing, which is administered by the Piano Teachers’ Forum of Grand Rapids each year. Close to 400 students studying music in the Grand Rapids area took part in the event, and students were tested in performance, theory, sight reading, aural awareness and technique. Special recognition goes to the following Trinitas students for their performance on the testing.

Jasmine Z., Level 6, Total 86.75
Ashley Z., Level 6, Total 87.75
Max L., Level 4, Total 90.75
Kira V., Level 3A, Total 95.75
Robyn T., Level 2A, Total 94.50
Ava T., Level 2B, Total 94.75
Paul L., Level 3A, Total 94.75