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Our History

image-4_400x300Trinitas Classical School was founded by a group of parents passionate about Christian classical education. We believe children flourish in a joyful community dedicated to both a common Christian vision and to academic excellence. The Trinitas faculty and staff is comprised of experienced and enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to this vision.

Our approach to education is distinctive because it is multi-directional. It looks to the past and the present to prepare students for the future. On the one hand, we employ what Dorothy Sayers calls “the lost tools of learning.” This includes providing our students with a firm foundation in grammar and logic, which itself includes the teaching of classical languages. In providing these skills, we equip students with the very best tools to think clearly and creatively. On the other hand, we take seriously the best contemporary tools of education. This means, for example, that we teach creative writing as well as inquiry-based science.

Moreover, we believe that education has an unmistakable moral and spiritual component. We want our students not only to learn grammar and logic, but also to be lovers of what is good. We do this by teaching them about the virtues and vices, as explored throughout Scripture and in the great figures of Christianity. Participating in communal charitable activities and regularly praying for our local and national leaders are practical ways we apply biblical virtues.

In uniting the best of the past and present tools of learning, Trinitas prepares its students for a future in which they are faithful stewards of God’s world.