Annual Fund Drive – Week 2

December 6th, 2018 by Peter Marth

Dollar-for-dollar match ends this month!

As of the middle of this week, we have received a little more than $8,250 in gifts ($16,500 counting the dollar-for-dollar match) during our annual fund drive. That leaves us with $43,500 to raise to meet this year’s goal. Don’t forget that the remaining matching funds will expire at the end of this month!

Worth remembering: You aren’t selling (or buying!) candy bars.

Most schools raise funds by selling goods, products, or services door-to-door and to relatives. This practice can place undue pressure on whole families and individual children to reach a substantial sales goal. The sales goal is, of course, inflated well above the school’s actual need because profits are shared with the company providing the goods. Not so at Trinitas. Every dollar you give goes directly to the Christian classical education your child receives, and you haven’t been pressured to sell or buy a thing.