Classical Education Is …

January 10th, 2019

Do you ever struggle to articulate what classical education is? The following might be of help as you talk to friends and family about Trinitas:

Trinitas is a private Christian school which educates students in kindergarten through 8th grade using the classical model: an approach which dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, and which fosters mastery in any discipline by walking students through a natural progression of stages. Students learn the language of a subject, how that language fits together, and how to express the content of that subject to others effectively. (As an example, children learn the parts of speech, they learn how those parts work together, and finally they learn to arrange them to create a desired effect.) At Trinitas students engage narrative world history, detailed English grammar, classic literature, Latin and Greek, structured composition, inquiry-based science, reasoned mathematics and logic. They learn from great thinkers by memorizing and imitating their craft and then assimilating techniques for their own self-expression.