What is Trinitas doing in response to COVID-19?

COVID-19 Response

Christian Classical Education Continues!

In March of 2020 we responded to the closing of Michigan’s K-12 campuses with speed and agility. In just one day, Trinitas shifted from in-person instruction with no computers in the classroom to remote instruction with a secure and robust online learning platform. Teachers were able to minimize disruptions to learning and go beyond mere essentials to maximize the richness of a classical experience. As a result, students were able to stay on track with their coursework and are ready for the next grade level.

Our teachers are conducting online classes with active student participation, a hallmark of classical education, and dedicating time to check in with students and parents one-on-one. We have worked for a balance of online and offline work so students are not in front of screens all day. We continue to pray together, share Scripture, and gather for virtual chapel. In addition to all this, we are using technology to host community events like Story Time, Reader’s Theater, Family Trivia Night, Fine Arts Night, Field Day Week, and Rome’s Birthday (complete with togas, laurel wreaths, and cakes made from a 2000-year-old recipe).

Immediately following the closing of K-12 schools in Michigan through the end of the year, our headmaster addressed the community:

Frequently Asked Questions

With news updates hitting every day (sometimes every hour), and with so many adjustments to make with online schooling, it can be hard to focus beyond the present day. But in case you are wondering about the impact on learning this year, here are some common Q&A’s.

How has Trinitas responded to COVID-19?
As long as COVID-19 (coronavirus) is present in Michigan, we will stay current with the most recent information and recommendations from county, state, and federal agencies. We are committed to doing what we can to protect our community including parents, grandparents, and those at a greater risk. Parents should expect to receive ongoing communication from us as more information becomes available. We appreciate your prayer, cooperation, and trust as we work together proactively for everyone’s safety.

Call your doctor if you or your child experience symptoms, or use the Michigan COVID-19 hotline (616.391.2380) to schedule a free virtual screening through Spectrum Health. For more information about this screening visit spectrumhealth.org/covid19.

How will online instruction impact my child's education?
With all the work that our families and teachers have done to ensure that learning continues, we are confident that your child will continue to receive a remarkable Christian classical education! Please know that teachers are doing their very best (and logging countless hours) to continue a level of instruction (quantity and quality) so that these school days of online learning may be fruitful. They are mindful that many things are now taking longer, sometimes much longer, and are seeking the best possible balance between providing regular routine and allowing for adjustments to life in an unprecedented time. We are hopeful that achieving this balance will become easier. We are grateful for your support!
Will online learning impact the school calendar?
We will continue to follow our school calendar as if we were operating on campus. In addition to Spring Break, we will continue to observe all the breaks on our academic calendar. The last day of school will be Friday, June 5.
How does a school that has marketed itself as “free from digital distractions” move to distance learning?
Here are answers from two of our 8th graders:

“You may wonder how the change to online learning is working for those of us coming from families and a school where we do little online. Much to my surprise, the change went very smoothly with the help of family members and teachers. During this time of change, the teachers have been extremely understanding and gracious, quick to help and aid students who are struggling. Even though I no longer can see my classmates and teachers face to face, many teachers have arranged their schedule so students can come to video classes a little early to allow students to talk with one another and with their teacher, continuing our friendships despite our separation.”

“Despite the many obstacles set before the school, Trinitas has done an amazing job transitioning the setting from a physical school building to online. The learning curve has been tough for me, but as a routine is setting in, I now recognize the life-long values of such a large and sudden change, and it will equip me for years to come.”

How has the change gone for Trinitas parents?
“As a parent I am really enjoying getting to reap the reward of choosing Trinitas. I am so blessed that my kids didn’t skip a day when it came to their education. You guys were right on it with support and keeping the kids learning right away. More importantly, I am seeing so much in their character that has been cultivated from their time at Trinitas. This would not be so easy here at home if the virtues of hard work, discipline and perseverance were not already being developed in them. You guys have been great communicators and I love that I know you are praying for us regularly!” -Grade 3/4 parent
What is Trinitas doing to protect children as they engage online learning platforms?
Students are issued a student-specific Office 365 account with all of the protections built in to govern communication and privacy for K-8 students. Online meetings are conducted within Office 365 or on Zoom, using best practices such as those promoted by Protect Young Eyes. Finally, students who use the platform more independently (i.e., older students) receive additional instruction and guidance for online learning, digital communication, and etiquette, one more tool for a life well-lived!
How do I login to my online learning portal?
Visit portal.office.com and enter the username and one-time password provided in your parent email.

For more details on remote learning, see What is Trinitas planning for 2020-2021?

COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Along with other public and nonpublic schools in Michigan, Trinitas has planned its multifaceted response to the challenges COVID-19 presents to K-8 education. Although this COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan outlines our protocols in considerable detail, we believe that our approach is almost certain to change as guidance evolves at federal, state, and local levels and as we determine what best serves our students and staff. One thing that will not change is our commitment to a safe and healthy, rigorous and joyful learning environment.

Reporting of Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Cases at School

Kent County Health Department will report confirmed and probable cases at Trinitas on its COVID-19 District Dashboard, which will be updated daily. Simply use the menu to select “Nonpublic School” under District Type, and look for Trinitas in the District dropdown. If you don’t see Trinitas listed there, it means that KCHD is not reporting any confirmed of probable cases at the school.