COVID-19 Response

Christian Classical Education Continues!

In March of 2020 we responded to the closing of Michigan’s K-12 campuses with speed and agility. In just one day, Trinitas shifted from in-person instruction with no computers in the classroom to remote instruction with a secure and robust online learning platform. Teachers were able to minimize disruptions to learning and went beyond mere essentials to maximize the richness of a classical experience.

Right on time for the first day of school, faculty and staff happily welcomed students back to campus for the 2020-2021 school year. By God’s grace, we have maintained in-person instruction with very little disruption and, when needed, we have provided remote instruction and additional support to our families.

Trinitas remains committed to a Christian, classical education that involves the discussion of ideas. We love having students in the classroom, but we realize that it is sometimes necessary to adjust our plans based on the local public health situation so that we can keep our students, our families, and our local community safe.

Our faculty and staff continues to work diligently so that your child’s educational experience is as delightful and predictable as possible.

COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Along with other public and nonpublic schools in Michigan, Trinitas has planned its multifaceted response to the challenges COVID-19 presents to K-8 education. Although this COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan outlines our protocols in considerable detail, we believe that our approach is almost certain to change as guidance evolves at federal, state, and local levels and as we determine what best serves our students and staff. One thing that will not change is our commitment to a safe and healthy, rigorous and joyful learning environment.

Reporting of Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Cases at School

Kent County Health Department will report confirmed and probable cases at Trinitas on its COVID-19 District Dashboard, which will be updated daily. Simply use the menu to select “Nonpublic School” under District Type, and look for Trinitas in the District dropdown. If you don’t see Trinitas listed there, it means that KCHD is not reporting any confirmed of probable cases at the school.