Between the Cones: Avoid Gridlock and Stay Safe!

March 7th, 2019

You may have noticed new cones and signs in the drop-off/pick-up line. To expedite the process, we have more clearly marked three loading/unloading zones. Drive between the cones! If a loading/unloading spot is open in front of you, please move into that spot. Do not unload unless you are in one of those dedicated spots. We do not want students walking through any part of the lot where they may encounter moving vehicles. Kindergarten families may park in the spots by the office and classroom windows and use the sidewalk, if they prefer.

We will be sending name cards home today. Please attach yours to the passenger-side visor and pull the visor down at pick-up so the name is visible through the passenger-side window. If your child is running a bit late and not ready for pick-up by the time you arrive, we will ask you to pull ahead to a waiting zone so the line can keep moving. As always, please drive slowly and watch for little ones (big ones too!) as you move through the parking lot.

Traffic Flow Map