Congratulations, MJCL Students!

April 18th, 2019

Trinitas received many awards at the MJCL spring convention on Saturday!  Pictures from the event have been added to our all-school photo gallery and some appear on the bulletin board outside the office. Gratulationes, discipuli!

Certamen (Latin Quiz Bowl):
Robyn T. (1st)

Costume Contest:
Nathan S. (1st)

Dramatic Interpretation:
Emilia F. (tie 2nd)

Long Jump – Isaac F., Jacob M., Nathan S. (1st)
Myth Relay – Will M., Natalie P., Noah S., Robyn T. (1st)

Will M. (1st for Janus head; 1st for Underworld game)
Will M. and Emilia F. (2nd for Italia Map)
Will M., Emilia F., Gabriel B., Abby P. Natalie P., Noah S., Robyn T. (2nd for Underworld Posters)
Jacob M. (3rd for Roman House)

Academic Testing (5 Tests/5 Levels):
Gabriel B. (3rd Grammar Level I; 1st Derivatives Level I)
Finn C. (3rd Roman Life Intro)
Emilia F. (3rd Roman Life Level II)
Jacob M. (tie 3rd Derivatives Intro)
Will M. (1st Roman Life Level II; 1st Mythology Level II)
Abby P. (1st Vocabulary Level I; 3rd Derivatives Level I)
Henry S. (1st Mythology Intro; tie 3rd Derivatives Intro)
Noah S. (3rd Roman Life Level I; 1st Mythology Level I)
Sophia S. (2nd Grammar Intro; tie 3rd Derivatives Into)
Robyn T. (1st Roman Life Level I; 1st Grammar Level I; 3rd Mythology Level I)