Making Re-Enrollment Easier

January 20th, 2017

Continuous or Automatic Re-Enrollment

Trinitas is moving to a continuous enrollment model that will simplify life for over 90% of its families.

This Year

This year, the re-enrollment process will look almost exactly the same as in past years. Parents will still receive and turn in forms with their deposits to the office. There will be one additional signature page, however, that will convert the re-enrollment process from “opt-in” to “opt-out” for future years. In other words, once parents sign a continuous enrollment form, they will never have to worry about another re-enrollment form as long as they aren’t changing their enrollment status.

Next Year and Beyond

If past years are any indication, 90% of our families will have the convenience of ignoring the re-enrollment period and doing absolutely nothing! The school will also be able to do away with printing, reprinting, and tracking the re-enrollment forms and entering checks for every returning family. We will also be able to give prospective parents a precise (rather than projected) answer about available space in classrooms by the middle of February rather than in early April or May.

In January, Trinitas will send home the coming year’s tuition fee schedule with instructions on how to re-enroll or make enrollment changes. Because the vast majority of our families make no changes to their enrollment, we will assume that students are re-enrolling for the same classes (e.g., full-time or homeschool partnership) unless parents let us know otherwise or communicate that they want to delay their decision.

If parents are enrolled in FACTS, no papers or checks need to be sent in to the office. The tuition deposit for the coming year will be deducted automatically if parents do not respond by the published deadline. We will still offer monthly and biannual payment plans, but payment plans will not collect tuition for the current school year in March. This is when the deposit is automatically collected for the following year. Our payment year will run from July to January or through May depending on how many payments are selected. We will set up the coming year in our FACTS system for online payments and include all families already in FACTS. FACTS normally lets parents know by mail or email (whatever method they have selected for the previous year) that a new year has been set up, and FACTS will inform parents of the date and amount of the automatic withdrawal.

If parents pay tuition in full by check, they will need to submit their payment by check by the published deadline as usual, but additional paperwork will no longer be required.

What is the Continuous Enrollment Form agreement?

On the re-enrollment form and all applications this year, parents will find the following:

  • I hereby opt into continuous enrollment. This means that students enrolled in Trinitas will remain enrolled at the same level of participation (e.g. full-time or homeschool partnership) in Trinitas every year unless I tell the school otherwise.
  • I understand that I have until February 15 every year to notify the Trinitas office of any changes in enrollment for my child(ren).
  • If I choose to reduce my child(ren)’s level of participation or withdraw my child(ren) for the coming year after my deposit has been received, I understand that my tuition deposit for the coming year will not be refunded.
  • I understand that if I opt out of continuous enrollment or my tuition deposit is not received by the published deadline, enrollment at Trinitas will be subject to the space available.
  • Trinitas recognizes that family plans change. For certain unique circumstances, families reducing their enrollment status or withdrawing after the deadline will have their tuition deposit refunded. This is the case, for example, when:
    • The family or school relocates so that the commute exceeds 30 minutes one way
    • A student’s educational needs can no longer be met at Trinitas as determined by the school in consultation with appropriate professionals
    • A student is not permitted by Trinitas to continue enrollment
    • Other unforeseen circumstances or major life changes occur (subject to approval by the Board of Directors).