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May Virtue Focus – Loyalty

May 2nd, 2019

LOYALTY is the virtue of the month. We continue to talk about and practice being loyal. You’re welcome to join us for chapel on Wednesday, May 22, when long-time friend of Trinitas, Pastor Eric Schalk, will be talking to us about loyalty in the Christian life.

Here are the recommended readings* and “Try This” ideas.

Grades K-4:
Home Sweet Home (707)
Paul Revere’s Ride (708)
America the Beautiful (722)
Knute Rockne (732)

Grades 5-8:
Intro to Loyalty (665)
Yudisthira at Heaven’s Gate (684)
Penelope’s Web (701)
Concord Hymn (713)

*Readings can be found in The Book of Virtues, ed. William J. Bennett. Copies can be found on Amazon Smile.

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