Speech Meet Guidelines

October 11th, 2018

One goal we have at Trinitas is for our students to be comfortable and articulate in front of an audience. The annual speech meet provides one opportunity to practice some of the skills necessary for this. We recognize that some children naturally love an audience while the mere thought of such attention fills others with anxiety. Please do your best to encourage your child so that this will be a positive experience. Practice with your child often and encourage him or her to do his or her best, but also reassure your child that we do not require perfection. Also explain that even though some students will receive special recognition, it’s possible that all of them will do an excellent job. The judges often have a tough time deciding!

WHO: All full-time Trinitas students, grades K-8, will participate in our annual speech meet; homeschool partnership students are welcome to participate. Students will be memorizing and reciting material of their choice in front of their fellows and judges; parents and siblings are invited to come and watch.  Students should wear their dress uniforms.

WHAT: Selections may come from poetry, ecclesiastical sources (scriptural, liturgical, patristic, etc.), political speeches, fables, or, for Kindergarteners, nursery rhymes. All material must be in good taste and should reflect a spirit of beauty and loveliness which brings light and joy (perhaps even laughter) to the soul. We have samples of past selections on file in the office. Generally speaking, teachers expect 8-16 lines for 1st-2nd, about 16 lines for 3rd-4th, 200-375 words for 5th-6th, and 250-375 words for 7th-8th. Selections must be approved by the classroom teacher, so do not begin memorizing a selection that has not been approved!

WHEN: A copy of each student’s selection must be submitted to that student’s teacher for review on or before Monday, October 22nd. (This copy will be kept for the judges.) The speech meet will be held Monday, November 12th, beginning at 8:20 a.m. Students will recite their selections in their own classrooms. Two finalists from grades 1-8 will move on to the all-school presentation. Kindergarten students will recite their selections only for their classmates and an audience of parents in their classroom; Kindergarten classroom recitations may begin later than the other classroom rounds, at a time determined by the Kindergarten teacher.

GUIDELINES: Please pay close attention to the following guidelines; the judges will be using these in their evaluations.
1. Students will begin by stating the title and author (reference for scripture passages) of the piece.
2. Students should practice speaking slowly, clearly, and with expression; they should use appropriate posture and eye-contact with the audience (not the judges). Selections should not be sung.
3. No props will be used, but students may incorporate natural, varied, and purposeful gestures and movement.
4. Students should try their best to master the material so that no prompting is needed; but please assure your student that judges will have copies of the selections in case someone gets stuck. Students should raise a finger if they would like a prompt.
5. Although judges will give some weight to the length and difficulty of each piece in their evaluations, students will be judged primarily on mastery of content and polish in delivery.

Please submit the following information by Monday, October 22nd along with a copy of the selection.

Student Name:

Speech Title:

Number of words/lines: