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Trinitas Classical School & Protect Young Eyes: Digital Trends 2019-2020

Come and learn how to prepare your child for a life well-lived amidst the dangers and distractions of our digital age!

Trinitas Classical School guides students toward the wonder, knowledge, and love of God and His world by cultivating and practicing habits of faithful discipleship, embracing truth, goodness, and beauty.

There is perhaps no greater challenge to our mission today than the dangers and distractions of our digital age. Even if you are aware of the issues, do you struggle with how to respond? We want to help inform and equip you to face this challenge with us, so we are partnering with Protect Young Eyes for a special workshop about digital citizenship and internet safety.

From Protect Young Eyes:

We show parents and caring adults how to protect kids in the digital age with expert knowledge and practical advice. Presentation Summary: We love technology, and we know kids do, too. Our popular presentation will address YouTube (can it be controlled?), social media (our expertise), pornography (let’s talk about it!), gaming addiction (is this a real thing?), screen time (what’s the right amount?), tricky people (stranger danger in the digital age), and so much more. Our advice is practical – participants will walk out with a whole list of steps they can implement immediately to better equip their kids to make better online choices.

Desired outcomes for those who attend: Participants will better understand how the features in popular apps like YouTube, YouTube Kids, Snapchat, Instagram, and others can harm good kids who aren’t prepared to use them.

Participants will better understand how to enable parental controls, if they exist, on popular apps and internet-ready devices, so that harmful features can be monitored and mitigated.

Participants will be better equipped to have the right conversations about digital topics with the young people they care for. Saying the right things to the right kids at the right time is the most powerful tool caring adults have to mitigate digital risk.The combination of these three outcomes will give parents and caring adults confidence as they raise children, and greater empathy for the difficulties of growing up in the digital age.

The PYE team – Doug, Chris, Carol, Rose, Dave, Michele and Travis: the presentation team at PYE has over 60 combined years of working with families in education and ministry and are deeply committed to seeing more families use technology for good. In just calendar 2018, we performed over 290 presentations and received over 1.2 million website visits. Our recent testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee is helping shape public policy surrounding popular apps used by kids today. It is possible to use technology well! We’ll show you how.

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