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Homeschool Partnership

Homeschool Partnership for Students K-8th grade

bookclubs_boyAt Trinitas, we are pleased to work with parents who homeschool their children. Homeschool students in first through eighth grade can join Trinitas full-time students two or three afternoons per week for Latin, science, art and music, Classical Greek, and logic. Kindergarten homeschool students can join Trinitas full-time students two afternoons a week for music and art class. Homeschool students are also welcome to participate in field trips that are an extension of the class they are enrolled in, Christmas and fine arts programs, spelling bee, speech meet, Thoughtful Reader Book Club, Young Authors Festival, Science Fair, Kids Food Basket, and other extra-curricular activities.

academics_mathOur teachers supply parents with lesson plans for Latin, Classical Greek, science, and logic to be completed during the rest of the week at home. Latin, like all other languages, is most easily grasped with daily instruction and review.  Full-time students in Grades 3-8 learn Latin daily.  Homeschool Partnership students are expected to set aside time on Tuesdays and Thursdays to review vocabulary and chants and to complete workbook, translation, or other course assignments.  Homeschool Partnership students will have the opportunity to ask questions and correct their Tuesday/Thursday assignments in class on Wednesday and Friday.

Times of the classes vary by grade.  Please contact our office for the current Homeschool Partnership schedule.


Art & Music (Grades K-8)

Study the masters and learn from their skill! Explore the rich and inspiring beauty of God’s creation!

Latin (Grades 1-8)

Learn Latin through song and chant. Come, see, and conquer!

Science (Grades 1-8)

Investigate God’s handiwork around you and within you through a hands-on, nationally acclaimed curriculum.

Logic (Grades 5-8)

Always be able to give a defense for the hope within you! Learn the art of discernment and sound argument from a gifted professor of the craft.

Classical Greek (Grades 7-8)

Grapple with Greek! You will learn to speak and write English with greater precision, engage the ancients, study the Scriptures, and write notes to your friends in a cool alphabet!

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Read what other homeschool parents are saying about Trinitas Classical School’s homeschool partnership program:

“The homeschool partnership has been a great option for our family. Our children love their classes at Trinitas. They are always excited to see their teachers and classmates on the partnership afternoons, and they feel welcomed in return. The passion for learning is contagious at Trinitas! It’s wonderful to see our children develop such enthusiasm for their studies, both at home and at the school. We are thankful as well for the opportunity to participate in the school’s many extracurricular activities.” — Becca T., homeschool mother of third and fifth graders, Grand Rapids

“I really appreciate that Trinitas has a homeschool partnership. I feel that my family is able to have the best of both worlds – time together as a homeschool family, and time in school among a Christian community. I can’t say enough about the teachers (who) helped us through our first hurdles in Latin, and have encouraged us to do more than we would have done on our own. I have found teachers and administrators to be very helpful and flexible. Trinitas has been very welcoming to us. Thank you!” — Jill H., homeschool mother of third and fourth graders, Caledonia

“I enjoy the home school partnership because it allows me flexibility to teach my children the subjects I feel comfortable in, while allowing the school to teach the ones I’m not.” — Jackie W., homeschool mother of third grader, Grand Rapids

“I get the best of both worlds being with my mom and going to school.” — Nick W., third grader, Grand Rapids