Who We Are


about_christianTrinitas is a school committed to the historic Christian faith — a faith that affirms that God is a trinity of three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This faith informs all of what we teach and do. Our curriculum is designed not only to impart important features of this faith, such as facility with scripture, but also to help our students see all of God’s manifold creation through Christian eyes. The ability to learn about God’s creation — and to delight in such learning — are among the greatest blessings God has bestowed on us. Our goal is to produce students who view learning in this way.

We are ecumenical at Trinitas, and we celebrate the commonalities that bind Christians together, recognizing the deep commitments shared by Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians. It is also our conviction that members of each of these branches of Christianity have much to learn from each other. We believe that an educational environment is an ideal place in which such learning can occur.


about_classicalTrinitas employs the Trivium with its emphasis on developing skills in grammar, logic, and rhetoric throughout the stages of education. Classic texts and classical languages are studied through a variety of methods such as chants, songs, memorization, debate, writing exercises and oral presentations. We are also enthusiastic about math and the sciences and endeavor to produce students who are equipped with excellent reasoning and quantitative skills. Finally, we view learning as a creative process that engages the imagination. We are committed to including activities such as creative writing, art, and music in our curriculum.

In the spirit of true classical education, we wish to train both the mind and body. We find that exercising the mind beautifully complements exercising the body. At Trinitas, neither sort of education is approached haphazardly. Our physical education time, then, is not simply for unstructured exercise, but we use this time for our children to develop their bodies and have fun while learning such games as basketball, soccer, and field hockey as well as other physical fitness skills and good sportsmanship.


about_communityWe believe that each student is a beloved child of God and desire to create an environment in which each student’s individual gifts and character are appreciated and nurtured. Each morning we worship and pray together as a school. We also encourage parents to participate in the life of the school, thereby bringing their gifts to the entire community. Such participation, in our estimation, is a natural extension of a child’s education in the home. We strive to be a joyful community in which each student, parent, teacher, and staff-member can celebrate his or her place in a community of learners dedicated to the project of Christian education. We believe that insofar as we achieve such community, we participate in the fellowship that exists in the Trinity itself.