Back to School: Parking Lot Safety and Navigation

August 31st, 2022

Please review the following information carefully so traffic can flow smoothly during our morning arrival and afternoon dismissal! Click here or on the image above for a helpful map.

To expedite our drop-off/pick-up process, we have three unloading/loading zones. Drive between the cones and the sidewalk and pull ahead to the farthest open spot (even if no one is behind you).

Arrival – Lower Lot
At drop-off, do not unload unless you are in one of the dedicated zones or a parking spot. Families with kindergarten or preschool children may park in the spots by the office and classroom windows and use the sidewalk, if they prefer. If your car will take a little longer to unload on a given morning, we ask that you park in a designated parking space and walk your child(ren) to the doors when they are ready. Our morning drop-off zones are for prompt unloading and leaving. Please drive carefully!

Dismissal – Upper Lot
Students are dismissed upstairs in the parking lot accessible from Maple Creek Ave. Please do not enter the lower lot unless 1) you have called the office and arranged to pick up your child early, or 2) you arrive after the dismissal window of 3:00-3:15. If your family wants to play on the playground after school, you may drive to the lower lot after picking up your child. Please drive carefully and watch for preschool students as they are being picked up too!

Please have your family name card clearly visible to the teacher supervising dismissal. One simple solution is to attach your family name card to the passenger side visor and pull the visor down so the name is visible through the windshield. If your child is not ready by the time you arrive, we will ask you to pull ahead to a waiting zone so the line can keep moving. If you did not pick up your family name card at the open house, you may stop by the school during office hours.