COVID Update – Spring Break Travel

April 1st, 2021

With the recent and concerning spike in the number of COVID cases in Kent County, especially in children, we are asking parents to exercise extra caution if traveling over Spring Break by airplane or to a location where they do not avoid crowds.

Many schools are moving to virtual or hybrid learning for the week after break, but we intend to continue learning in person. So that we can avoid, if possible, COVID exposures and quarantines in the weeks following break, we are asking everyone to use the safety protocols recommended for these high-risk environments and to keep home after break any students who 1) have spent time over break with anyone who showed any sign of illness, or 2) spent time over break with anyone who tested positive for COVID, or 3) exhibit any symptom of illness.

If any of the above criteria apply to your child(ren) by the end of break, please contact the office when the school reopens on Monday, April 12, so that we can provide a return-to-school timeline.

As a reminder, students who exhibit any symptoms of illness while at school will be screened for COVID-relevant symptoms and sent home as directed. We will be exercising greater caution during the week following break in an effort to keep all classrooms open to in-person learning. God-willing, the path forward could–and really should–be downhill once we clear the week after Spring Break.