December Virtue Focus – Self-Discipline

December 12th, 2019

On Monday morning, Protect Young Eyes founder Chris McKenna spoke to Trinitas 5th-8th grade students with an honest and engaging message on technology use. He stressed the fact that nowhere in our lives are good and bad so close together as they are on the internet. He encouraged our students to remember their identity in Christ and the gift of each new day as they seek to love God and others with their digital habits. Mr. McKenna also gave an inspirational talk to parents Monday evening. He provided much to think about and act on, especially as we practice the virtue of SELF-DISCIPLINE this month.

We look forward to welcoming Fr. Andrew Honore as our chapel guest on December 18. Please join us that morning at 8:00 a.m.!

Recommended readings* to read and discuss together:

Grades K-4:
Please (24)
Table Rules for Little Folk (42)
The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs (47)
The Golden Touch (63)

Grades 5-8:
Intro to Self-discipline (21)
King Canute on the Seashore (67)
Phaeton (69)
George Washington’s Rules of Civility (74)

*Readings can be found in The Book of Virtues, ed. William J. Bennett. Copies can be found on Amazon Smile.

“Try This” ideas for families:

One: Practice self-discipline with technology. Have a family tech-free time each evening or a tech-free day each week.

Two: Be self-disciplined in what you say. When you are tempted to say something negative about someone else, don’t say it, or say something positive instead.

Three: Practice self-discipline with your stuff. As Christmas approaches, now is a good time to give some of your things away to a charity.

Four: Talk together as a family about what SELF-DISCIPLINE is/looks like and come up with your own idea about how to practice it.