Dress for the Weather (and Fun in the Snow)!

December 5th, 2021

After our first accumulating and “pile-able” snow, the students were eager to climb on it and build with it during recess. Please note that students will not be allowed to be on any snow-covered part of the playground without boots. They may not play on snow piles or go sledding unless they are covered head to toe in cold-weather gear (warm hat, gloves/mittens, coat, snow pants, boots). Gym shoes may not be worn in place of boots.

As mentioned earlier, shorts may not be worn in the classroom or outside from November 1 through March 31. A student may wear shorts during PE, but he/she must wear long pants (regular or athletic pants as allowed in uniform code) at all other times. Leggings or tights worn under shorts do not qualify as pants.

Note: Students are welcome to bring a sled from home with the understanding that it must be shared – and may be damaged from use. The school does have plenty of sleds for all students to enjoy time on our playground sledding hill!