February Virtue Focus – FAITH/TRUST

February 6th, 2020

We are finishing up our focus on WORK and will be turning our attention to FAITH/TRUST for the month of February. We hope that together, in our school, churches, and homes, we can build a strong faith in our promise-keeping Lord and that we can live lives of faithfulness to Him.

Recommended readings* to read and discuss together:

Grades K-4:
A Child’s Prayer (744)
The Fiery Furnace (753)
We Understand so Little (774)
Amazing Grace (772)

Grades 5-8:
Intro to Faith (741)
Job (749)
St. Nicholas & the Golden Bars (763)
Amazing Grace (772)

*Readings can be found in The Book of Virtues, ed. William J. Bennett. Copies can be found on Amazon Smile.

“Try This” ideas for families:

One: St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” Read your Bible every day this month.

Two: Keep a prayer journal this month. Use it to record scripture, words of praise and thanksgiving, confession, and prayer requests for yourself and others.

Three: Talk together about people and experiences that have helped you grow in your faith.

Four: Talk together as a family about what FAITH is/looks like and come up with your own idea about how to practice FAITH and FAITHFULNESS.