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GeoBee – What To Expect

January 15th, 2020 by Becca Tellinghuisen

Love quiz shows and geography trivia? You are invited to come watch our inaugural GeoBee on the morning of Wednesday, January 29. Students in 3rd-8th grade will first participate in classroom rounds after Morning Prayer. The questions are oral and will cover a wide range of topics in geography. Unlike a spelling bee, students will stay in for every round. They earn a point for each correct answer.

Ten students from 4th – 8th grade will move on to school finals at approximately 9 a.m. (While the Bee does not officially include 3rd graders, they will participate as a “practice year”.) In the finals, all students will answer the same questions and will write their answers on a board (like “Final Jeopardy!”). Students are eliminated after a second wrong answer. Our school champion will advance to the next level of competition, an online qualifying test to determine competitors in the State GeoBee.

Though they will not be competing in the GeoBee, the K-2 students will be joining the fun that week with some geography-themed activities.