Kent County COVID Guidelines

December 10th, 2020

This week Kent County Health Department released a new tool for schools to use when determining building-specific risk levels for extracurricular activities and in-person learning. We are currently at the highest risk level and expect to remain there for a while.

For now, we will not have any in-person performances or gatherings. This will likely be true until Kent County’s positivity rate drops below 8% AND we have no positive cases among the students or staff.

Based on the latest guidance, we do believe that we will be able to keep K-4 in the building regardless of the positivity rate in Kent County (assuming we have a critical number not in quarantine). The same may not be true for 5-8, and we will be evaluating strategies over the next few days. Revised recommendations or orders could change any or all of this, of course, but we want to pass along what we know at this time.

You all have been wonderful when it comes to keeping children home when they are not feeling well, and we ask you to continue using that extra ounce of caution. Making prudent choices about sending children to school and about what activities your family engages in outside of school means a great deal to every Trinitas student, parent, and teacher. Thank you!