NOTICE – Color Day Friday (and Bonus on Wednesday)

January 17th, 2022

At Trinitas, we celebrate the end of each quarter with a “Color Day”. Please review the guidelines for appropriate Color Day clothes, i.e., non-uniform clothes, if you haven’t already. We hope to avoid a situation where a student must call home for other clothes on that day. Please note that a student may still wear the uniform on a Color Day, but in general, most, if not all, students (and staff) choose to celebrate with different attire.

In addition, this Wednesday, January 19, is a bonus Color Day for students who have not lost any “Oops” coupons during the first half of this year. All other students will still wear the regular school uniform. Teachers will be communicating who is eligible for the bonus Color Day in their classrooms. If parents have questions, they should contact their child’s teacher.

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Reminder for next week: Wednesday, January 26, is our all-school photo and picture retake day. Students should arrive in dress uniform for the all-school photo. Please take a moment to make sure your child’s dress uniform items are ready to go next week!