Reminder – Thoughtful Reader (TR)

January 6th, 2021

We hope students (and parents) had time for good reading over the break. It’s not too late to join our Thoughtful Reader Book Club! Discussion guides will be sent home with students or may be found in the school newsletter.

2021 Thoughtful Reader Selections:
Gr. 7-8 – Watership Down
Gr. 5-6 – Black Beauty
Gr. 3-4 – The Trumpet of the Swan
Gr. K-2 – Just So Stories

Students in Gr. 3-8 may choose among the many different editions of the book for their group, but the book should be unabridged. Gr. K-2 families may read any collection or retelling of the Just So Stories. Please see email sent on January 29 for more information.

Though many of our upper grade students read the TR book on their own, we think these are wonderful read-aloud books for kids of all ages. Parents, please consider joining your students for some family reading time!

Interesting Fact: Did you know Black Beauty helped bring about more humane treatment of horses in both England and the United States?