Rook No Further! It’s Time for Chess Club!

December 12th, 2019

All students will take part in Chess Club which will take place at 2:05 p.m. on four Fridays: January 10, January 24, February 7, and February 21. Students will be dismissed at the regular time. Homeschool students are welcome and should contact their teacher if they will be participating.


Do I need to bring a chess set to chess club?
Trinitas has purchased new chess sets to be used during chess club, so you do not bring a chess set.

I don’t know anything about chess! How will I participate?
Chess is a challenging game and one you will enjoy. You will enjoy it more if you take some time to learn about it now. Use kidchess and learn a little bit each day or on the weekends.

Start by going to the LEARN CHESS tab and begin with SETTING UP. Remember, use the kidchess website by clicking on LEARN CHESS which is a free section with tutorials and games. Under LEARN CHESS, use the SKILL LEVEL tab to get guidance on your child’s level.

What if no one at home can play chess with me. How can I practice?
Play practice games here: Use the LEARN CHESS tab to learn the basics or review the basics of the game.

Am I too young to play chess?
All of our students can learn to play chess. Using the website is one way to help teach your child the basics ahead of time. Play games using only the pawns at first.

Will I be playing against someone who can play at my level?
Staff and parent volunteers will be matching up partners based on level not age. Competitive students will have a chance to ‘move up the chess ladder’ and compete in higher level play.