2019-2020 Student Honors and Awards

September 24th, 2020

We were not able to celebrate our students’ impressive 2019-2020 achievements at an awards night last spring, but we will recognize them at lunch on Friday, September 25.

Congratulations to all! Well done!

Special School Events

Speech Meet – Joanna L., Noah W., Samuel B., Timothy G., Ellie G., Ivana R., Abby G., and Sophia S.

Spelling Bee – Isla M., Noah I., Ellie G., Fiona M., Justin M., Truman M., Beatrice V., and Lily T.

Geo Bee – Tommy K., Sam H., Samuel B., Aaron B., Gabriel F., Ellie G., Sophia S., Lily T., and Vency R.

National Mythology Exam

Gold Medalists (perfect score) – Justin M., Lily T.
Silver Medalist (96-99%) – Sophia S.
Bronze Medalists (90-95%) – Gabriel F., Abby G., Ivana R., Vency R.

National Latin Exam

Lily T. – Ribbon & Certificate for Outstanding Achievement and Special Certificate for perfect score
Ayanna S. – Ribbon & Certificate for Outstanding Achievement
Ivana R. – Ribbon & Certificate for Outstanding Achievement

Latin I:
Sophia S. – Gold Summa Cum Laude
Jacob M. – Silver Maxima Cum Laude

Special Honors

Humanities Award for Bible, reading/literature, grammar, writing, and history: Justin M.

Perfect Attendance (no absences AND fewer than 3 tardies, including in Zoom):
Ellie G., Emily G., Timothy G., and Justin M.

Honorable mention for only one or two days missed:
Samuel B., Gabriel F., Abby G., Tommy K., Jacob M., Jonathan M., Isla M., Sophia S., and Malcolm S.