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My faith has grown ten-fold ever since I came! – 8th grader

Your support is critical to mission of classical Christian education. Please remember us in your prayers and prayerfully consider giving to our annual fund drive this year. May our Lord Jesus Christ, whose glorious coming is our prayer, bless you and direct you in the path of salvation.

At Trinitas, you will discover the distinctives of a classical education, but beyond the academic features, you will find students striving for faithful discipleship to the Gospel, for rational and articulate thought, for more humane habits.

You do not have to look far to see that faith and reason and virtue are increasingly rare in the world around us. This past year and a half have amplified the effects of an education that indoctrinates people to believe that there is no God, that they exist by accident, that they are responsible to no one, and that their emotions should rule the day. At Trinitas, we are standing fast against that tide.

The motivation for what we do here, the foundation for our program, is the conviction that we are children of our heavenly Father, answerable to Him, called to love Him and those around us. This is our high calling, and it is how we flourish as human beings.

Our fundraising goal for this year is $75,000. This amount would enable us to close our budget gap while adding a modest amount to our cash reserves. Please remember that this is our only fundraising effort each year.

Friends of Trinitas have generously offered a fifty percent (50%) match for any donations received between now and the end of 2021, up to a maximum of $25,000. So, for example, if you give $2,000, your gift will “immediately become” a $3,000 gift. Please take full advantage of this generous offer with whatever amount you are able. We are all in this together–every contribution is needed.

What impact does your gift have?

  • Need-based financial aid
  • Extra-curricular programming and fine arts
  • Upgrading our hands-on science curriculum

As we endeavor to be faithful stewards of that which has been entrusted to us, Trinitas remains committed to

  • beginning each year with 90% of funding in place
  • covering operating costs with tuition
  • making approximately 10% of expected tuition revenue available for need-based financial aid
  • building six months of cash reserves

Trinitas accepts no taxpayer funding either directly or indirectly. Neither Trinitas nor its students will ask you to buy any items or services to raise funds, and the annual fund is the only planned request for funds family and friends receive from us in a school year.

Trinitas is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Your gifts are tax deductible as provided by law.


Contribute to Need-Based Financial Aid

There are many families who see the value in a Christian classical education but are unable to meet the financial requirements. If you have a heart to sponsor a child, contribute to a scholarship fund, or contribute in any other way, please contact our school office.

Give through

Purchase anything from, choose Trinitas Classical Association as your organization of choice, and Amazon will give back a percentage of the purchases to Trinitas Classical School.