COVID Update – New Guidance from KCHD

March 3rd, 2021

The social distancing requirement has been reduced from six feet to three feet for all students according to Kent County Health Department guidelines (see Social Distancing in K-8 Classrooms Pilot Study from KCHD). To quote from KCHD’s rationale: “Local school data shows transmission of the virus in K-8 classrooms is extremely rare. When large numbers of students are quarantined due to a classroom exposure, very few students test positive during their quarantine period. Positive cases are most often related to exposure from a household contact.” In light of this change, we will be revisiting our restrictions and making adjustments where the new guidance allows.

In addition, we are also able to invite parents who have been fully vaccinated to volunteer in the school and classroom as long as it has been at least two weeks since their last vaccine dose. (Proof of vaccination must be provided to the school office.)