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100 Days of Dante – Join the Pilgrimage

December 10th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

Speaking of book clubs…We recently had an engaging fireside discussion of Dante’s Inferno. If you missed the first part of his Divine Comedy, it’s not too late to join us! The 100 Days of Dante project is surprisingly easy to keep up with and delightfully deep at the same time. While it may go against the spirit of a book club, we’d like to invite you to simply watch the videos on YouTube or listen to the podcasts each week if you don’t feel ready to commit to reading the text. They’re around ten minutes long (a half-hour per week). You can get “the education you wish you had” while driving in the car, riding a stationary bike, or folding laundry. Those who have been watching/listening have been informed, intrigued, and inspired!

Morning Prayer Time

December 10th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

A group of parents meets in the Media Center on Wednesday mornings following Morning Prayer to pray faithfully for our school. You are invited to join them for this blessed time of fellowship and intercession. Come regularly or whenever you can make it. Coffee is available in the office before and after the prayer meeting. Children are welcome to come along with a quiet activity.

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Give the Gift of Warmth

December 10th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

We will continue to collect winter outerwear and accessories for Mel Trotter Ministries’ Code Blue Drive. New or gently used men’s, women’s, and children’s winter outerwear and accessories may be brought to the school office until next Friday. Mel Trotter is in urgent need of winter coats for men and women (all sizes). Please note the drive runs at Mel Trotter until December 31, so you may still participate by bringing items directly to Mel Trotter after the 17th.

Studying Words? “Bee” Creative!

December 10th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

We will return from Christmas break on January 3. The Spelling Bee is Wednesday, January 12. It will be here before you know it! While not every child will choose to study word lists during the break, if your family enjoys playing games over the holidays, consider turning those Bee words into a creative game of your own design!

Virtue Update – FRIENDSHIP

December 10th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

There’s a popular principle in classical education circles: multum non multa, which means “much, not many”. It’s often used to express a preference for quality over quantity, for depth over the superficial. It’s a good principle for FRIENDSHIP too. In a culture that has created the concepts of “Facebook Friend”, “followers”, and “likes”, it is good to remember we flourish when we invest in a few friendships more deeply.

Lessons and Carols – A Brief History of the Service

December 9th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

At Trinitas, our annual Lessons and Carols service has always been a cherished way for our community to focus our hearts and minds on the proper subject of the Advent season—our Lord Jesus Christ. The particular service we share today has a long tradition extending back to the original version performed on Christmas Eve in Cornwall, England in 1880. At that time, the Right Rev. Edward White Benson, concerned with peoples’ worldly attentions and activities during the holidays, looked for a way to get revelers out of the pubs and into church. The Rev. George Walpole had the idea for a celebration consisting of Christmas music interspersed with Bible readings. The first service of “Nine Lessons and Carols” was attended by over 400 people in a temporary wooden structure (the local cathedral was still under construction).

Benson’s service grew in popularity, and the young dean of King’s College in Cambridge, Eric Milner-White, became familiar with it. A former army chaplain during World War I, he was concerned that the experience of the war had turned people away from Christian worship. On Christmas Eve, 1918, Milner-White introduced the service at King’s, hoping like Benson, to bring people back to church. In 1919, Milner-White began the service with “Once in Royal David’s City” and wrote the bidding prayer. While carols have varied, the opening hymn, prayers, and readings have remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years. The “Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols” continues to grow in popularity, being broadcast by the BBC yearly since 1928 (with the exception of 1930), through World War II (without stained glass or heating), and during the COVID pandemic (without a congregation in 2020).

We hope that you will be blessed by this abbreviated version of a beautiful Advent tradition. It has always been in its various times, places, and forms, a way of redirecting peoples’ attention from the corruption and cares and the warfare and weariness of the world toward the promise and hope of the Messiah.

Speech Meet Finalists

December 9th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

The following students were named as classroom finalists at the Speech Meet on Wednesday and participated in the all-school round.

1st/2nd: Caroline H., Zachary Z.
3rd/4th: Emily G., Noelle P., Abigail Z.
5th/6th: Jeffrey H., Sam H., Sonia T.
7th/8th: Ivana R., Vency R., Ayanna S., Lily T.

If you enjoyed Speech Meet, keep our annual spring Fine Arts Night in mind. We’d love to have some students perform recitations at this event!

Trinitas Annual Fund Update – December 3

December 5th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

We have much for which we are thankful, and that includes the fact that we have already received over $5,900 in donations toward our annual fund goal of $75,000. With the 50% match, we have $8,900 of the $75,000 we aim to raise this year. With an additional $22,000 in matching funds available until the end of December, what could you do to support Christian classical education?

It is our goal to have 100% family participation in our Annual Fund, no matter the size of the gift. Truly, every gift matters!

Additional annual fund flyers are available. If you know someone who would be willing to partner with us in this fund drive, please contact the office for additional flyers.

Worth remembering: Aside from the cost of meals and uniforms, tuition is still the only bill families receive for the entire year. That is not the case at most other private schools.

Thank you for your support and for sharing our Annual Fund flyers with friends and family. Please click here to donate today!

Plans for Lessons and Carols

December 5th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

At this time, we are considering recording Lessons and Carols instead of holding an in-person program on December 17. We wanted to inform you of that possibility in case you have relatives or loved ones who were making plans to attend, especially if those plans included traveling some distance. We will have more information to share by the middle of next week.

Dress for the Weather (and Fun in the Snow)!

December 5th, 2021 by Becca Tellinghuisen

After our first accumulating and “pile-able” snow, the students were eager to climb on it and build with it during recess. Please note that students will not be allowed to be on any snow-covered part of the playground without boots. They may not play on snow piles or go sledding unless they are covered head to toe in cold-weather gear (warm hat, gloves/mittens, coat, snow pants, boots). Gym shoes may not be worn in place of boots.

As mentioned earlier, shorts may not be worn in the classroom or outside from November 1 through March 31. A student may wear shorts during PE, but he/she must wear long pants (regular or athletic pants as allowed in uniform code) at all other times. Leggings or tights worn under shorts do not qualify as pants.

Note: Students are welcome to bring a sled from home with the understanding that it must be shared – and may be damaged from use. The school does have plenty of sleds for all students to enjoy time on our playground sledding hill!