COVID Update from Kent County Health Department

February 25th, 2022

In response to improving conditions following the Omicron variant surge, guidance has now shifted to something that looks and feels more like a strict policy on illness in schools. In other words, the response is becoming more and more like the response to influenza or any other communicable disease. Please follow the guidelines on student illness in the handbook and always call the office if you have questions. We are required to report confirmed or suspected cases of COVID to the Kent County Health Department for monitoring purposes, so office staff may have a few questions for you if your child is home ill.

Here are a few points abbreviated from Kent County Health Department’s communication to schools:

As we approach the post pandemic future, we must recognize that COVID-19 is an illness that is likely to be with us indefinitely.

The Public Health Order dated January 11th of this year expired at the conclusion of the school day on Friday February 18, 2022. There are no other public health orders related to COVID-19 presently in effect from the Kent County Health Department.

The CDC and MDHHS have published guidance for COVID-19 mitigation in schools and many other settings. That guidance is readily accessible and residents are encouraged to stay informed and make decisions that protect health and wellness.

In this post surge recovery stage it is appropriate for individuals, educational settings, and others to weigh considerations carefully and make decisions that best fit their own unique circumstances. In the spirit of this recognition, public health recommendations are properly understood as advice and not directive.

Kent County Health Department will continue to monitor community-wide epidemiology and will intervene as appropriate when outbreaks and imminent dangers are identified.