Forms for New and Returning Students


NEW students only:

PE Students Concussion Info
Signature is required to acknowledge that parents and students have read through the symptoms and effects of concussions. This article is provided so families can be better equipped to prevent or identify injury.

Photo Release Form
Required for all new students.

Safety Form
Required for all new students. Form for confidential health and medical safety information.

Food Allergy Action Plan (if applicable)
Emergency action plan for students with food allergies.

Medication while at School (if applicable)
Enables students to receive medication at school when required.

ALL students (NEW and RETURNING):

Immunization Requirements
Links and information concerning immunization requirements.

Handbook Acknowledgement
Indicates parents have read-through and discussed handbook with child(ren) and agree to all conditions.

Third Party Financial Aid Forms (if applicable)
If receiving financial aid from a Third Party, you must return this form to the office by June 1 (this allows for tuition adjustments to be made by the first scheduled payment).

Emergency Release and Consent Form 
Consent for student to receive care in case of emergency.  Required so that students may participate in school events.