How To’s: Website, Calendar, Online Gradebook

How do I stay logged in to the website?

By following the steps below, you will now be able to click through every “Read more” link without being sent to the login or welcome page. To make this change:

1. Log out if you were already logged in
2. Close (or quit) your browser
3. Go to the homepage ( and “hard refresh” (hold down the Shift key while you click the refresh icon on your browser)
4. Log in and check the “Remember Me” box
(NB: If you do not see this option on the login page, you need to repeat the above steps.)

How do I add the school calendar to Outlook, Google, or my phone?
Instructions to sync the Trinitas Events Calendar to your personal online calendar.

How to sync the Trinitas Outlook Calendar to your calendar (general):
1. Add this link to your calendar service of choice.

How to sync the Trinitas Outlook Calendar if you already have an Outlook account:
1. Go to the Outlook calendar.
2. Near the top of the screen, there should be an option to “Add another calendar.”
3. Click “From Internet.” Then, right click this link, choose “copy link address,” and paste into the box.

How to sync the Trinitas Outlook Calendar with your personal Google calendar:
1. Open your calendar.
2. On the screen, there should be an area that shows what calendars are being displayed (should be titled “Other Calendars” next to the “My Calendars” section).
3. Click the arrow drop-down box on “Other Calendars” which should then give you the option “Add by URL.”
4. Then, right click this link, choose “copy link address,” and paste into the box.

How to sync the Trinitas Outlook Calendar with your iPhone calendar:
1. Tap on the link
2. A pop-up should appear which should say “Subscribe to calendar?” Tap the subscribe button.
3. Another pop-up should appear that says “View events” and “Done.” You can tap either one to finish.

How do I sign up to receive school closings and other critical announcements via text message?
Trinitas uses to communicate school closings, emergency notices, and critical announcements. School closings and delays will still be announced through local media outlets, but these have taken up to 20 minutes to post in the past. With Remind, notice is sent directly from the school with little or no delay. Simply visit from your smartphone’s web browser or text @trinitascl to 81010 from any mobile phone.
How can I see my child(ren)'s grades online?
Thinkwave is a cloud-based grading program that allows parents of students in Grades 5-8 to monitor their child(ren)’s test grades, missing assignments, and overall progress as often as they like. Parents will receive an invitation within the first quarter of enrollment via email to set up access to using a personal code. Those who need assistance should stop by or call the school office.

If you forget your username or your password, enter the email address you used to create your ThinkWave account into the page below. The automated email reply will provide your username and will allow you to reset your password. Please note that the username is case sensitive.
(NB: You do not necessarily need to reset your password if you were only looking for your username.)