IMPORTANT – Details for Last Day of School

June 4th, 2020

Please read the details below for instructions on how you will obtain items your student may have left in your desk, cubby, or locker in March, and how you will return materials that belong to the school. (Rented blazers and/or ties will be returned at our Awards Night and Graduation program on Wednesday, June 17).

The faculty and staff are looking forward to seeing students and their families on Friday. For everyone’s safety, we are not allowing families to park, to enter the building, or to play on the playground.

Anyone who meets any of the criteria below is asked to stay home. If this impacts the parent(s) who would otherwise attend on Friday, please contact the school office to make alternative arrangements for exchanging materials. Again, those who meet any of the following criteria are asked to stay home on Friday:

  1. You exhibit new symptoms of illness including a dry cough unrelated to a chronic health condition, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, diarrhea, chills or sore throat.
  2. In the past two weeks, you have had close contact with a person that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 through a positive test result.
  3. You have a temperature of 100.4 or above.

All desks, cubbies and lockers have been emptied. Personal items have been placed in bags with student names on them. Anything you have that belongs to the school needs to be returned. Please clearly label bags with student’s first and last name.

Pick-up/drop-off times: Please use the Sign-Up Genius that was emailed to families to sign up for your arrival time.

Pick-up/drop-off process: Enter the parking lot from 52nd Street. Follow the regular traffic flow and signage. Your last name should be posted clearly in the front windshield of your vehicle.
If you have (a) child(ren) in K-4: Follow the outside edge of the parking lot to the sidewalk along the school building. Once you are finished at this station, you may enter the 5-8 area or exit the parking lot. Watch carefully for traffic entering the 5-8 area or exiting the parking lot.
If you have (a) child(ren) only in 5-8: You may proceed directly to the normal student drop-off/pick-up area. Follow the car lane usually used for arrival/dismissal. Watch for cars exiting the K-4 area. From the 5-8 area, please exit the parking lot.

Staff will be working hard to keep the line moving smoothly, but we do ask that you have patience. If you are not able to meet the scheduled time, please contact the office to arrange an alternate time during the week of June 8.

Any student items that are not picked up by 3:00 on Friday, June 12 will be donated. School items (other than blazers and ties which will be collected later) not returned by that time will be deemed “lost” and an invoice for replacement cost will be issued.

Please contact the office if you have any questions. Thank you!