Notae Latinae – National Latin Exam Awards

April 13th, 2022

In March, over 100,000 Latin students from the U.S. and around the world took the National Latin Exam. Congratulations to the following students who earned awards this year. Optimē, discipuli!

Introduction to Latin:
Summa cum laude (gold medal): Timothy G., Sonia T., Jude W.
Maxima cum laude (silver medal): Aaron B., Fiona M.
Magna cum laude: Landon K., Joseph S.

Beginning Latin:
Summa cum laude (gold medal): Gabriel F., Justin M., Isaac S.
Maxima cum laude (silver medal): Vency R.
Magna cum laude: Thomas T.

Intermediate Latin:
Summa cum laude (gold medal): Lily T. – a PERFECT score!
Magna cum laude: Ivana R.