Showing Respect Is the Winning Move

February 4th, 2022

For better or worse, kids love competition. (Adults too!) Sports and games, at their best, require us to be disciplined, patient, and focused. To succeed, we must train body, mind, and soul. One’s skill is evident in victory, but one’s character is revealed in defeat.

Chess Club provides an opportunity for our students to learn about sportsmanship. We encourage you to ask about the matches they played. Along with “Did you have fun?” and “Did you win?”, you might also ask “Did you help someone learn more about chess today?” and “Did you thank your opponent for a good match?”

Interesting fact: Over the years, people have played “correspondence chess” by mail, fax, and even carrier pigeon! Our digital age offers even more ways to play the game. We hope our students will keep playing even after Chess Club wraps up next week.