Speech Meet – What the Judges Consider

October 21st, 2021

Our annual Speech Meet is Wednesday, November 17. Once the selection has been approved by the classroom teacher, it is time to start memorizing, practicing, and polishing. Here are the categories our judges will take into consideration:

Eyes – Comfortably engages audience with eye contact
Body Language – Excellent posture and position; engaging
Expression – Face and voice effectively and appropriately support the material
Enunciation/Fluency – Loud, clear speech; fluent phrasing
Memory/Accuracy – Fully memorized; no prompting needed

Remember, parents (or grandparents or VIPs) are invited to come and listen! Younger siblings are welcome so long as they are able to be quiet during the recitations. Those who plan to stay for the Speech Meet should park in a spot near the grass/pond or in the part of the lot closer to 52nd Street (near the church/school sign). Please do not park along the sidewalk by the school as St. Mark preschool families will be arriving at that time.

We plan to stream the all-school round, starting at approximately 10:15 a.m.