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CCE Corner – Committing to Something Bigger Than Yourself

November 7th, 2019

Lesson 4. Be all-in: committing to something bigger than yourself.

In the 2013 Oxford University Press book, Families and Faith, the authors examine how religion is passed down from one generation to the next (or isn’t). If you’re curious, the groups which do the best job of passing on their faith share these characteristics:
1. High standards, combined with warmth
2. Strong inter-generational relationships
3. Parents who are “all-in”

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CCE Corner – Consider a Tech Sabbath

October 31st, 2019

Have you had a chance to read the latest CCEC lesson? There is much to ponder, but if we could highlight one idea or recommendation, it would be the “tech sabbath”. Have you considered building a tech-free time into your week, or even every day (e.g., when the family is all together in the evening)? When we intentionally release the things to which we may be holding too tightly (or which feel like they are holding us!), it gives us time and space to be fully present with one another and to “be still and know” the Lord.

CCE Corner – Controlling Technology (So It Doesn’t Control You)

October 29th, 2019

In the last CCE Corner, we talked about the need for a strong and wise imagination and the importance of feeding our souls with what is true and good and beautiful. For Lesson 3, we turn our attention to technology, a topic none of us can ignore as we think about educational and spiritual growth.

Lesson 3. The medium is the message: controlling technology (so it doesn’t control you)

When we started Trinitas in 2006, Facebook was only three years old. Twitter was launched that same summer. And can you believe the first iPhone had not yet been introduced? Times have changed. Dramatically. And quickly. We could devote this entire year of CCEC posts to the pros and cons of modern technology, but let us simply say this: Do not underestimate the adverse effect it can have on your children’s imagination and their education (not to mention their emotional health).

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CCE Corner – Baptizing Your Imagination

October 18th, 2019

In our inaugural CCE Corner, we began discussing the lessons we’ve learned for thriving in a classical Christian school—and in life! This second lesson will be a more philosophical entry for the simple reason that it’s been our experience that it’s foundational for all education. We hope you will take the time to not only read this lesson, but also ponder what it means for your family and our Trinitas community.

Lesson 2. You are what you love: baptizing your imagination

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Welcome to the CCE Corner!

October 1st, 2019

Welcome to our Classical Christian Education Corner! Watch for (short) pieces about classical Christian education, from the philosophical to the practical. We’ll include reflections on Scripture, poetry, philosophy, literature, summaries of relevant books, articles, podcasts, and “best practice” tips from fellow travelers on this journey toward “lives well-lived.” In these first weeks, we’ll draw on some lessons we’ve learned since founding Trinitas fourteen years ago.

Trinitas’ tagline, “preparing students for lives well-lived,” is probably a good place to begin.

Let’s start by saying what this doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean being successful primarily by worldly standards. It’s not about scoring well on standardized tests and college entrance exams, and participating in all the right extra-curriculars, and building an impressive transcript and application, and getting into the best schools and internships, and creating an outstanding resume, and getting a great job, and, and, and…

If that list stresses you out a little, it may be because these things should not be our focus in education.

Lesson 1. God does not call us to be successful; He calls us to be faithful: gaining perspective

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