Grades 7-8 School Supply List

The following school supplies should be labeled with your child’s name or initials:

*pencil box/pouch
*pencils (12 pack, already sharpened)
*large eraser for art room
*colored pencils
*ruler (with standard AND metric sides)
*college-lined paper (2pks; 1pk for HSP)
*3×5 cards (2pks; 1pk for HSP Latin/Greek)
*7 pocket folders with 3-hole brads in the center. Durable plastic recommended.
(HSP students need 1 for each course)
*student planner (must have sizable space for each weekday)
*facial tissue (2 boxes to be shared with the class; 1 for HSP)
*pens (3-4 blue or black, 3-4 red)
*3 containers disinfecting wipes (child safe, no bleach, at least 75-count/container)
one 1″  heavy duty 3-ring binder (rings must lock shut)
one 2″  heavy duty 3-ring binder (rings must lock shut)
2 composition/journal writing books (black & white cover or the same style in another color)
1 package hand/baby wipes
water bottle
protractor and compass with a threaded cross bar (a set with a right triangle is ideal, but optional)
glue stick
Bible (New King James Version)
A beach towel to keep in your locker to use for outdoor lunch
This specific dictionary/thesaurus should be ordered online and brought to class:
Webster’s New World Dictionary and Thesaurus,  ISBN-13: 978-0764565458
ISBN-10: 9780764565458.

*Indicates items needed for Homeschool Partnership (HSP)