Kindergarten School Supply List

The following school supplies should be labeled with your child’s name or initials:

Backpack – large enough for a folder, lunchbox, and tennis shoes to fit into.
Gym shoes – velcro fasteners are helpful if your student does not yet tie shoes
Beach towel for eating outside picnic-style (this will stay in the student’s locker)
1 sturdy vinyl pocket folder with prong fasteners inside (see example on Amazon here)
Standard size (approx. 8” x 5.5”) hard plastic pencil box
6 or more #2 pencils, sharpened
1 eraser
1 box of crayons
2 boxes of large washable markers, 8 basic colors, more if you would like. (Please label
each marker with name or initials)
1-2 containers watercolor paints
1 pair of scissors with blunt/round edge
4-6 large glue sticks (we use these a lot!)
Water bottle

NB: If your child has special food allergies or needs, please send in a supply of individually wrapped snacks that can be used for your child when there are classroom or school celebrations that involve food.